Sunday, September 25

Serve Sunday is an annual event where we serve our local schools during the time that would normally be reserved for our Sunday morning services. We'd love to have you join us as we dedicate the day to making a difference in our community while having a lot of fun together. Don't worry if you can't shovel or pull weeds, there are projects for everyone from preschoolers to seniors.
Sign up below and we'll see you on September 25!

Sign up for Serve Sunday

We need everybody to sign up in advance so that we can order t-shirts, plan breakfast, and know how many hands we can count on.

2022 Locations

RVCC Parkland: Washington High School
RVCC Graham: Shining Mountain Elementary and Bethel Learning Center

Schedule for the Day

Gather at RVCC Parkland or RVCC Graham for a continental breakfast and short service with communion.
Make friends, serve others, and have fun while you dive into a Serve Sunday project.
Wrap up projects and clean up.
Head home, knowing you made a difference.

Serve Options

  • Breakfast Prep - Help provide and serve a continental breakfast at RVCC Parkland or RVCC Graham.
  • Staff Gifts - Gather at RVCC Parkland or RVCC Graham to prepare gifts for the school staff. 
  • Kids' Project - Help lead Serve Sunday Scavengers, a fun project for kids (this is a great role for teens).
  • Landscaping - Tackle weeding, shoveling, hauling bark, pressure washing, raking, leaf blowing, and other tasks that will help each school look great.  
  • Pray - Gather at an RVCC location, walk a school campus, or pray from home for staff, students, families, and community.

Staff Gifts & Supplies

A significant element of Serve Sunday is providing a gift for each and every staff member at the schools we are serving. That includes not only the teachers, but the custodial staff, the office staff, para-educators, etc. Use this link to make a contribution towards staff gifts.


The nursery will be available for kids birth through 36 months, but only if you sign up by September 18. Use the buttons above to sign up for Serve Sunday and let us know if you need the nursery.

Tools & Stuff

Let us know on your sign up form
if you can bring any of the following:

Rock Rakes
Push Brooms
Extra Gloves
Weeding Tools
Pruning Tools
Hedge Trimmers
Hoses / Pressure Washers
Garbage Cans
Truck / trailer
Everybody should bring gloves!


We plan Serve Sunday with kids in mind, because we really love when families serve together. Your kids, pre-K through elementary, will have the opportunity to work with some of our crew to help complete kid-sized tasks throughout the morning. We even have a fun treat at the end! If your kids have some of their own tools, they are welcome to bring them, but we'll have what they need, including a pair of kid-sized gloves.

Sign up for Serve Sunday

We need everybody to sign up in advance so that we can order t-shirts, plan breakfast, and know how many hands we can count on.


Though many of us will be serving at our local schools on September 26, we understand that is not going to work for every family at RVCC. For those who can’t join us, we’ve put together some ideas for Serve Sunday in your own neighborhood:
  • Pray for our schools using the Serve Sunday Prayer Guide.
  • Grab gloves and trash-bags, and clean up trash in your neighborhood.
  • Reach out to your neighbors and see if you can help with their yard work.
  • Create encouraging signs to put in your yard. What do you need to hear today? Say that to your neighbors.
  • Organize a food drive in your neighborhood for a local foodbank or school district.
  • Take a walk and talk to your neighbors that are outside. Human interaction and encouragement are at a premium for many people right now.
  • Use the Nextdoor app ( to find needs in your area that you can help with.
  • Walk around your neighborhood and pray. Pray for spiritual receptivity. Pray for greater community to occur. Pray for peace in your neighbors’ homes. Pray for opportunities for the Gospel to be shared.
These are just a few ideas to get you started. Get creative! Pray about what your neighborhood needs and then take action. Be part of your neighborhood being transformed!


As the 2022 school year has just begun, we want to encourage prayer specifically for our schools, the administrators, the students, and the families in our community

School Administrators, Teachers, and Support Staff

  • Pray for school administrators to have wisdom in how they allocate resources and support their teachers.
  • Pray that He would give wisdom and insight to the principals as they lead their staff and make decisions for their schools.
  • Ask God to give the teachers wisdom and peace as they plan for the school.
  • Pray that teachers will be able to connect with and encourage each student.
  • Pray that He will help the teachers see the unique abilities and personalities of each student, and that they’d be able to find creative ways to work with them despite the ongoing challenges of this new school year.
  • Pray for the teachers to not get weary in constantly adapting, but that they can keep their passion for helping students develop a lifelong heart to learn.
  • Pray for good relations between the school board, administrators, teachers, and families, that the goal of serving and furthering the education of students would remain their primary and shared goal.
  • Pray for the support staff of our schools (nurses, custodians, para-educators, etc.).


  • Pray for the parents and ask God to give them the wisdom they need to support and encourage their children.
  • Pray for parents as they support their students through the emotions of a new school year, especially after so much change in recent years.
  • Ask God to be with those who are juggling the roles of parenting, working, and meeting the daily needs of home and family


  • Pray for the students, that they would continue to engage this school year with eager anticipation.
  • Pray for God to help the students connect with and encourage one another.
  • Ask God to give the high school seniors resilience and a determination to finish well.
  • Many of the students in our districts come from economically disadvantaged homes. Pray for them to have access to the tools and support they need to succeed in their education.
  • The schools are a consistent source of meals for many students. Pray that they will have the nourishment they need to be able to concentrate and learn.
  • Pray for the safety and welfare of students who may experience abuse or neglect.
  • Pray for students that are struggling with their academics, that they would have the support they need to thrive in this school year.
  • Pray that every student would have a believer in their lives. Pray for Christians to model and show the love of God and the hope found in Jesus.

Rainier View

  • Ask God to use those who call Rainier View their church, to make a difference in our communities by blessing these families and finding creative ways to help them have a successful school year.
  • Pray that we at Rainier View will seek opportunities and chances to engage with, serve, and care for everyone involved with our schools and the families in our communities.