Make a Difference at RVCC GRAHAM

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Our Hospitality Team is responsible for making sure everyone feels welcome to our Sunday morning services.
  • Greeters - Make people feel seen and welcomed as they enter the building for Sunday services
  • Coffee Team - Prepare and provide a cup of coffee and a warm greeting
  • Ushers - Engage with all guests as they enter so everyone feels at home in our Sunday services
  • Welcome Center - Welcome new guests and answer questions about regular programming and special events
  • Sunday Production Manager - Prepare the the Sunday morning environment to be as distraction free as possible


The volunteers who work with our RVCC Kids staff are a vital part of making a difference in teaching our kids about Jesus.
  • Greeter/Check-In - Help families feel comfortable and welcome as you help them through the check-in process
  • Nursery Volunteer - Care for babies and toddlers in this important stage of physical and emotional development
  • Substitute Leader - Adapt and fill in when other leaders are unavailable
  • 3's - 5's Leader - Engage young children as they begin grasping simple biblical truths
  • K-5th Small Group Leader - Commit to building relationships with kids as they continue to learn the truth of the Gospel
  • Large Group Leader - Present the weekly Bible story with enthusiasm and clarity to the 3’s-5’s class or K-5th large group
  • Worship Leader - Lead the kids in 2-3 songs, with motions, that encourage kids to worship God with their voice and actions. 


The volunteers who invest in students are an essential part of making sure they have a lifelong relationship with Jesus and the church.
  • Set Up - Prepare the space to create an irresistible and a safe environment for students to meet
  • Sunday Production Manager - Help create and oversee our Sunday morning environment so that everyone has an engaging worship experience
  • Greeting Team - Greet students and families and make them feel welcome and included as they enter the Student Ministry space
  • Discipleship Group Leader - Mentor and provide a consistent presence with a small group of teens 
  • Games Leader - Create a fun and inclusive environment by leading group games and activities
  • Middle School Program Volunteer - Help create positive and encouraging environments where students feel safe, have fun, make friends, and learn about Jesus


These are both up-front and behind the scenes roles that are vital to the Sunday morning worship experience.
  • Band and Vocals - Create excellent and engaging musical experiences that point people to Jesus as a musician or singer
  • Tech Team - Use visuals, sound, and style that enables people to encounter God through participating in our worship experience
  • Worship Leader - Create dynamic and engaging worship experiences through song and prayer


These roles may be behind-the-scenes roles but they are all significant to the experience people have when they visit RVCC. 
  • Communion Prep - Prepare communion to help create a meaningful Sunday morning worship experience
  • Chair/Reset Team - Help Stack and store chairs after Sunday services
  • Sunday Security - Smile and wave as our guests arrive while providing a visible presence in the parking lot to deter vandalism and theft
  • Sunday Clean-Up - Watch for messes that need attention and wipe down high-touch surfaces between services
  • Facility Maintenance - Do odd jobs that help to create and maintain attractive physical environments
  • Landscaping - Work outdoors to help keep our physical locations looking attractive

If you are interested in any of these roles, click the button to fill out the Difference Maker form.

We'll have somebody contact you to answer any questions and discuss your next step.