Global Ministry Trip

Africa Insight Trip 2023

Kenya - July 3-15, 2023
Missions of Hope International (MOHI) in Nairobi, Kenya, has been a missions partner of RVCC for about fifteen years. MOHI has invited a team from RVCC to see and experience their ministry in person in 2023. RVCC is recruiting a team of up to 15 people for a trip to Kenya, East Africa from July 3-15, 2023. This team will encourage the students in the schools, bring our energy and skills to work alongside our Kenyan partners, worship and pray together in the Kenyan church, and experience African culture personally.

107 children have now been sponsored by RVCC families. Members of the team who are sponsoring a child through MOHI, will have an opportunity to meet her/him during this visit.
This team is now complete, and would appreciate your prayers as they prepare.


Feel free to reach out to either of the couples that will be leading this team:
Warren & Anne - or Dan & Sue -

Mexico 2023

July 15-22
This will be our 26th short term mission trip to Mexico by RVCC members since 1995. We look forward to this opportunity to serve together in San Vicente and Colonet, Mexico, located about 2.5 hours south of San Diego. On this trip we will support the ministries at Casa del Pastor and the churches in San Vicente and Colonet. Casa del Pastor supports mothers and children coming from abusive situations. These families live at the Casa for 1-3 years while they get their lives on track, learn about the love of Jesus, find work, and save for a home. We generally help the Colonet church with community events and general construction projects while we build relationships with the church family. Our team usually consists of about half adults and half teens. Parents and teens are encouraged to do this trip together.
We will likely be doing the following activities this year:
  • Hosting a Quinceanera Party for the 15 year old girls of the Colonet church. In the past, some of our teen girls have participated as well.
  • Facilitating Bible studies at the Colonet Church and Casa del Pastor.
  • Hosting a pool party/BBQ for the families of Casa del Pastor and Colonet Church.
  • Renovating buildings of the Colonet church.
  • Building a house for one of the moms from Casa del Pastor.
  • Helping rejuvenate the ranch in San Vicente to start a women’s rehab center.
This team is now complete, and would appreciate your prayers as they prepare.


Feel free to reach out to Sandy Williamson at or Tamy Gutierrez at

Global Partners

Approximately 10% of RVCC's budget goes to supporting the following ministries around the world.

Scott Wallace

Iberoamerican Ministries (IAM)

Aaron & Diane Lincoln

Christian Missionary Fellowship International

Doug & Shelly Kallestad

Iberoamerican Ministries (IAM)

Dale & Elizabeth Helt

Servant Partners

Harry Douglas

Iberoamerican Ministries (IAM)

Matt & Jan King

African Inland Mission

David & Melissa Hamilton

Pioneer Bible Translators

Missions of Hope

Missions of Hope International (MOHI)

TCM International Institute

Taking Christ to Millions

Rudy Lopez

Primera Iglesia Eveangelica de Colonet
Baja, Mexico

Asa & Jean Talbot

Missions of Love