Global Ministry Trips

Multiple times each year, teams from RVCC travel to serve and encourage our global partners, learn more about these opportunities.

Lautaro, Chile - February 5-17, 2020

A team from RVCC will be going to Lautaro, Chile in February 2020, continuing a relationship that is has been established over the past dozen years. The Lautaro church is sponsored by IberoAmerican Ministries (IAM), a ministry that RVCC has partnered with for nearly thirty years. We have assisted with building the church and a school which is nearing completion. In 2019 our team continued work on the home of the family who are caretakers for the church. We've also participated through the years in various projects in the area to support the indigenous Mapuche people. The 2020 team will continue to support and encourage these ministries.


San Vicente, Mexico - June 20-27, 2020

Since 1995 , members of Rainier View Christian Church have been traveling to San Vicente, Baja, Mexico to serve. San Vicente is located 120 miles south of the US/Mexican border at San Diego. The ministries we work with include, Casa del Pastor, a Christian shelter for abandoned/abused women and their children, two local churches, in San Vicente and Colonet, and ministries to migrant farm workers and their children. This trip will likely include physical labor (construction, painting, digging, etc.), quality time with children, teens, and their moms, participating in children's, women's, and men's Bible studies, feeding children at migrant camps, and much more. Housing is in dorms with meals prepared by local partners in ministry.

APPLY FOR MEXICO TRIP (completing the application requires a $100 non-refundable deposit)

Nairobi, Kenya - June 30-July 11, 2020

This team will see first-hand the work our partner ministry, Missions of Hope (MOHI) as they are having an impact on the slums of Nairobi. More than 80 RVCC families sponsor children through MOHI, so there will be some exciting face-to-face meetings for the first time as representatives get to meet some of "our" kids. In addition to it's relational aspects, this team will also be serving with the ministry in multiple ways. MOHI partners with Christian Missionary Fellowship, International.   |

The team is now complete and would appreciate your prayers.

Global Partners

More than 10% of RVCC's budget goes to supporting the following ministries around the world.

Scott Wallace

Iberoamerican Ministries (IAM)

Aaron & Diane Lincoln

Christian Missionary Fellowship International

Doug & Shelly Kallestad

Iberoamerican Ministries (IAM)

Steve & Becky

Pioneer Bible Translators

Harry Douglas

Iberoamerican Ministries (IAM)

Matt & Jan King

African Inland Mission

David Hamilton

Pioneer Bible Translators

Dale & Elizabeth Helt

Servant Partners 

TCM International Institute

Taking Christ to Millions

Rudy Lopez

Primera Iglesia Eveangelica de Colonet

Asa & Jean Talbot

Missions of Love 

Missions of Hope

Missions of Hope International (MOHI)