Supporting the Franklin Pierce School District

How Does The Giving Tree Work?

The Giving Tree has been an RVCC tradition for many years. This year as we support the families of the Franklin Pierce School district, we are able to buy gifts directly from the wish lists of children selected by their schools to participate in Winterfest. These gifts have been compiled into a wish list on Amazon for ease of shopping. The Giving Tree is one small way we can make an impact on neighborhoods in Pierce County together. 
To participate in The Giving Tree:
  • Use the link below to go to the Amazon wish list 
  • Shop for one or more gifts by Sunday, November 26
  • When ordering on Amazon, select the default address (315 129th St S, Tacoma, WA 98444) so the gifts will be delivered to the the Franklin Pierce School District
We've received multiple inquires about still purchasing gifts. As of Wednesday morning 11/29, the Amazon Wish List is still live, and until the school district closes the Amazon Wish List, you can still use it to shop.

Please shop from the Amazon wish list by Sunday, November 26

*Winterfest is a Parkland-Spanaway community event sponsored by PLU, Franklin Pierce School District, a number of South Pierce County businesses and organizations, and hosted by RVCC. Winterfest provides Christmas gifts for children in the Franklin Pierce School District who would otherwise go without. RVCC is not taking recommendations for families to receive invitations for this event. All invitations have already been issued through local schools.