Though our staff is still working, we will not host any gatherings or public worship at either campus until we are able to do so safely and meet recommended guidelines.
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Coronavirus/Covid 19 Plan & Update

May 2020 Re-Opening Update
March, 2020 -  Our Church Plan
Based on the recommendations of the local, state and federal health professionals, we are also doing our part to limit the spread and effects of the Coronavirus, Covid-19.

What that means is that our buildings are not open, and any groups and events that usually meet at our buildings have been postponed or suspended. Many events will be rescheduled when we have a time for gatherings to be permitted again. Though our church staff continues to work, both church office are closed until we can open again to the public.

Sunday Worship – can be found each week at RVCC Online. If you are signed up for church emails, we’ll send an email each Saturday evening with a link, or you can visit
Kids Ministry - We've built a page called Base Camp Online with the videos and lessons for Pre-K and Elementary so that families can share Sunday fully with their children.
Student Ministry - Middle and High School Students will also be able to find a weekly video at Altitude Online.
Giving - Remember that we are 100% dependent on the biblical giving and generosity of each of you. Though we won't be meeting together, our expenses will remain steady. If you haven't already, this would be a great time to set up online giving so that your giving can continue uninterrupted.
Community Dinner – Community dinner is continuing at Parkland on Monday evenings at 6:00pm. This meets a practical community need, and they have modified the program to meet the guidelines by serving boxed meals instead of plated dinners around tables.
Community Groups/Small Groups - It is our hope that Community Groups and other small groups will be creative and find ways to continue meeting online using one of the many platforms available (Zoom, Skype, Facetime, Go To Meeting, etc.).  
Daily Devotion - We have started a daily devotion time on Facebook Live at noon each weekday. Join us there to be encouraged.
Do you need assistance? – We’d like to know that too! If you need to stay home, but need grocery delivery or other assistance, use this form to let us care for you.

Though things look very different right now, our mission as a church HAS NOT CHANGED! The Coronavirus will not stop us from pursuing God, engaging in community and making a difference. There have been some innovative ways to live out those strategies, and we want to urge you to keep thinking creatively and strategically about how to walk daily with Jesus and His people, and how to serve others in a crisis situation. We're already looking forward to the ways God will use you and the stories you’ll tell!
- RVCC Staff